The Kingdom of León The most important events in the Kingdom

A chronology of the most important events in the Kingdom


844- Legendary Battle of Clavijo, and the end of the payment of one hundred maidens in tribute

854- Ordoño I orders the resettlement of Astorga

856- Repoblación de León por Ordoño I

883- Alfonso III orders the resettlement of Zamora

900- Alfonso III orders the resettlement of Toro

910- García I moves to León, converting the city into the Royal Seat

939- The Battle of Simancas and the León victory over the Muslim armies

1002- The death of Almanzor

1017- On the 30th of July, the Charter of León was enacted, regulating daily life in the city

1037- The death of Bermudo III, and the House of Navarre’s accession to the throne in the figure of Fernando I

1055- The Council of Coyanza

1063- The transfer of the remains of Saint Isidore from Seville to León

1072- Sancho II of Castile dies in the siege of Zamora. Alfonso VI proclaimed King of León and Castile

1077- Alfonso VI proclaims himself “Emperor of all Spain”

1085- Alfonso VI takes Toledo

1102- Raymund of Burgundy orders the resettlement of Salamanca

1108- The battle of Uclés. Prince Sancho dies and Urraca inherits the throne

1135- Imperial coronation of Alfonso VII in León

1147- The Standard of Baeza and the conquest of Almeria

1167- The Charter of Benavente

1188- The first European Cortes is held in the cloisters of the Basilica of San Isidoro

1218- The University of Salamanca is founded

1230- Alfonso IX, the last León King, dies followed by the definitive union of León and Castile


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