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Catedral-vieja-SalamancaSalamanca was resettled by Raymond of Burgundy between 1101 and 1102. An model of urban growth, within a few years it had become an important centre within the Kingdom, such importance being demonstrated a century later when Alfonso IX conceded the Studium Generale in 1218, germ of the future University and the first of its kind to be established in Spain.

As with León or Zamora, Salamanca contains an extraordinary series of buildings which bear witness to the grandeur and strength of the Kingdom of León at that time. Less than half a century after the resettlement of the city, in the year 1150, construction began on the cathedral church of la Asunción de la Virgen, known as the Old Cathedral (Catedral Vieja ). Again, a dome similar to that of the cathedral of Zamora or the Basilica of Santa María La Mayor in Toro can be seen. Almost concurrently with the resettlement of the city, the church of San Martín de Tours was built, in 1103; this church and the Catedral Vieja comprise the two largest Romanesque buildings in the city. Close to the Roman bridge stands the church of Santiago de Arrabal, dating from the mid-12th century and the only church built in the Mudéjar style. Alba-de-Tormes Other Romanesque buildings within the city include the church of Santo Tomás Cantuariense, built in 1175, the 12th century church of San Julián and the church of San Marcos, dating from the end of the 12th century. For reasons unknown, this latter has a circular ground plan.

One of the towns boasting the greatest artistic heritage is Alba de Tormes. Two Mudéjar churches, San Juan from the end of the 12th or beginning of the 13th centuries and the church of Santiago from the end of the 11th or beginning of the 12th centuries, accompany the majestic 12th century monastery of San Leonardo.

Escudo.-Ledesma-2In Ledesma, the Romanesque style can be appreciated in three of the town’s churches, Santa Elena, San Miguel and Santa María la Mayor. Halfway between Ledesma and Salamanca lies the town of Almenara de Tormes, which boasts a beautiful 12th century church with a magnificent north door. On the outskirts of Salamanca, in the town of Santibáñez del Río, stands the church of San Juan, built towards the end of the 11th century, which also has an interesting door.

Although now heavily altered, a beautiful 13th century Mudéjar church can be found in Béjar, the church of Santa María la Mayor, which retains its original, interesting apse. Also of interest is the city wall, built in two phases, one dating from Muslim rule and the other dating from the 12th century.



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